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Our Commitment

The Walsh Group has an unwavering dedication to delivering the highest quality product to our customers and giving back to our neighbors and surrounding communities. We’re committed to utilizing our responsibility as an employer and builder to provide the highest standards for ethics, quality and safety. Our commitment extends into the communities in which we work, and the families who live there as well.


  • Core Values
  • Core Values

“The most important thing we can do every day is to send men and women home in the same shape as when they arrived.”


Safety is our culture. Protecting the lives of our clients, employees, subcontractors and the public is our greatest value and guides our philosophy. Our leaders recognize their responsibility to establish and maintain exceptional worksites.

Their commitment is proven and demonstrated through our award winning safety performance and guided by a Core Safety Program. Our methodology of achieving safety excellence relies on a simple approach and message; “No One Gets Hurt.”


    Training provides leaders with the knowledge and understanding of the tools that maintain safety systems and processes.


    Planning identifies hazards and risks of major operations then allows for detailed evaluations. Planning minimizes risk while improving quality and operations.


    Accountability is critical to success. Each project manager’s safety performance is measured annually to a higher level of performance, they have to get to a higher level of relating.


    Each project team member is obligated to conduct weekly interventions with trades persons. These interventions are called REAP (Reviewing Employees Actions and Performance) Positive interventions are a powerful tool that builds trust and creates a holistic working environment.

Safety Starts With Leadership

Safety Starts With Leadership

Safety Is Our Culture

 Safety Is Our Culture


At The Walsh Group, quality is a proactive ideology and one of our core values, where our staff and systems are constantly working toward the prevention of issues. In order to be the “Builder of Choice” for our customers, our teams dedicate themselves to delivering a superior product for every project.

Our main approach to quality is to elevate and integrate the process to a position that is essential to success. Each plan collaboratively defines the quality requirements in preconstruction and provides the necessary controls and procedures to ensure the construction activities exceed the owner’s requirements.

Our quality control program is modeled around a three-phase system. This system involves gathering, reviewing and understanding the required preparatory information before the work begins, setting an initial standard of workmanship, and lastly, continuously following-up on the project to assure compliance with the contract requirements.


    Review and understand the expected requirements, tolerances, and expectations on a definable feature of work.


    Meet, test, inspect, and communicate the expectations with the construction team and the subcontractors.


    Visit project site for review; meet with the project management staff to mentor, train and adjust methods as scope modifies.

Ethics & Compliance

For over 100 years Walsh has been committed to upholding the highest legal, moral and ethical standards in our industry. Walsh’s commitment to ethics permeates throughout our entire corporation from how we work with our customers to how we treat our people. To ensure we meet the standards we have set for ourselves, we adhere to the Walsh Code of Business Ethics & Conduct in all that we do.

Walsh provides its employees with the knowledge and skills they need to make ethical choices and conduct business with honesty and transparency through a variety of required ethics trainings. An ethics Hotline is also available to Walsh employees, subcontractors and the public to confidentially ask questions, seek guidance or report suspected violations of company policy, law or our ethical standards.

As a founding member of the Construction Industry Ethics & Compliance Initiative (CIECI), Walsh works with other leaders in the industry to promote integrity and ethical conduct throughout the construction industry as a whole.

Contact the Ethics Hotline:

Phone – 888.873.6086
Email –
Mailing Address:
      The Walsh Group, Attn: Hotline
      929 West Adams, Chicago, IL 60607

Community Outreach

The Walsh Group is committed to investing in the communities where we work and live. Our story of growth and development is rooted in the neighborhood environment. From work with local organizations to repairing houses, we are dedicated to giving back to enhance the future for others.

We also understand that our projects provide employment and training for the community during the lifetime of each project, and open the door of opportunity within the trades and construction management fields. We are dedicated to ensuring that community residents, minorities and females, gain opportunities that can lead to a successful career in our industry.

Our equal opportunity bidding processes and preconstruction outreach seminars bring together local vendors, subcontractors, and trades people. We reach out to the community to understand the needs so we can best formulate a project specific resident hiring plan. We are proud of our Mentoring Program that builds effective working relationships between leaders established companies and emerging small disadvantaged businesses. These relationships benefit M/W/DBE’s with the knowledge and experience established firms provide, and identifies the needs, actions, and results required to be a contractor, consultant, and/or supplier.

Mission Statement & Core Values

  • Our Mission

    Leading the Construction Services Industry by offering clients the highest level of Internal Expertise, Safety, a Fully Integrated Suite of Services and a Family Approach to Business.

  • Our Core Values

    The Builder of Choice
    The Employer of Choice
    Highest Standards of Ethics, Quality, and Safety
    Fair Balance of Responsibility, Profitability, and Citizenship.



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